On and up. The Fallen circa early 2011.

Well, after a few months hiatus due to computer death, I suddenly had a new computer again, all thanks to Jamie “Mortis2000” Reader. The beautiful bastard that he is.
With his help, guidance and general wizardry, we put together a new PC that would fit me needs for further game development and be my workstation for the college course in Digital Games Design and Development I had just enrolled for. Suddenly seeking qualifications in it all.

This time, rather than just just building, without a plan, I decided to dedicate a chunk of time to actually writing a relatively hefty design document, it covered everything from play style, art style, back story for the world and a vast list of flora and fauna to populate the world, a lot of which also had deep intertwined back story.
Suddenly, I was writing major plot points, scribbling storyboards and designing characters. 
This project was fast becoming scarily sizeable, but still, I continued, pouring hours into designing the layouts of the overworld, where the difference races would reside, their relationships considering their rather spotted past… 
This was clearly something entirely different, something bigger, better and, in hindsight, probably far too much for me…

So, after a few weeks of writing and creating these characters, I had everything but a game, I had the beginnings of what I was hoping would become a game.
I had The Fallen: Forgotten Heritage.

To start with, I built Chaplin, my main character, a small, innocent blue haired chap.
Chaplin BlueChaplinAlthough I did experiment with blonde hair, but I felt the blue just fit a little better in the world.

There was also a knight armour created early, too. the armour would eventually belong to Chaplin, changing the character model and abilities accordingly.

The armour started life as a basic black and white sketch, but it quickly became stylised to fit in with Chaplin and the vision of the world so far.
Mau Knight Sprite_front - CopyMau Knight Sprite_backMau Knight Sprite-wings

After creating these sprites, and others, it became time to start figuring out how they would control and interact with the world.
I mocked up a very simple test area and immediately dropped Chaplin in the middle of it, so far, with just basic up, down, left and right controls.
It was basic, but it was a start. Here’s a short clip of nothing more than Chaplin’s walk cycle in this basic environment.

Now, just as I felt things were getting somewhere with The Fallen, I started college. Suddenly thrown into actually doing work I was told to do and generally being educated, after so long out of the saddle, so to speak, it was daunting at first, but also distracting, so, unfortunately, The Fallen sort of fell by the wayside.

My next post will be focussing on 3D Level Design at college, a course that introduced me to 3D development tools and ultimately changed the direction of The Fallen, but that is for another time.

Thanks for your time!

Bernjamin “Retro Squid” Swindells.


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