Hi all, Benjamin Swindells here, a student of Computer Animation.

I’ve studied a number of things over the recent years, ranging from Biological and Biomedical Sciences through in Edinburgh, to Digital Games Design and Development and now Computer Animation in Glasgow.

To put it simply, I’m keen on computer animation, and all that implies…

From artistically expressive and abstract pieces by unknowns across the internet and visual master pieces such as Disney Pixar’s Brave (2012) and fantastically emotionally driven shorts such as (Yes, I mention Disney again) Paperman(2012) to the CG in movies such as Jurassic Park, District 9 and even things like The Avengers Assemble.
Although, following on from my Game-Dev course, I likely find myself studying game animation more than anything else, and no, that’s not just an excuse to play games all day, although I’m sure the wife might disagree.


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